We have moguls on our slope! Many people avoid them like the plague but for some they are the pinnacle of skiing, more fun, more testing, more exciting than any other area of skiing. Shouldn’t you get to know them? We run special courses in them as well as all those kids getting their weekly dose through lessons. Give them a try, you may be surprised where it takes you!

Kendal Snowsports Club moguls

Snowsport England operates the Home Nations Academy and National Academy for Moguls.  Designed to develop mogul’s skiers in England and to help talented athletes progress to the British Moguls Squad.


Competitive mogul skiing is a freestyle discipline in which athletes ski down a moguls course performing 2 aerial tricks. The course consists of approx 200m of moguls with two airs, which performers are to impress the judges by performing 2 different acrobatic tricks and skiing with style down the moguls. There are 3 judges (5 at world cup, where the highest and lowest scores are discarded) who give a score out of 20, based on carving, absorption, use of falline quiet upper body. These scores are then added to give a possible 60 maximum marks. 20 points are then awarded for speed, this is measured against accepted speeds for skiing down moguls and is a mathematical formula which calculates this. The remaining 20% of the score is made up of the two tricks that are performed in the air (so 10% or 10 marks) for each trick. There are two judges who do this and give a score out of 10. They are looking for quality, height and fluidity. Their scores are then averaged with the 2nd air judges and multiplied by a number called a DD (basically a more difficult trick has a larger number)

After all of the you end up with a final score out of 100, with 60% from the turns, 20% for speed & 20% for the airs. 

There are different levels of moguls competitions which include National Cups, FIS competitions, Europa Cup competitions, World Cup Competitions and the Winter Olympic Games.


Snowsport England operates the Home Nations Academy designed to develop mogul’s skiers in England and to help talented athletes progress to the British Moguls Squad.

Home nations academy athletes train throughout the year on and off snow. They have access to:

  • Training camps abroad

  • Competitions in the UK and abroad

  • Moguls training sessions in snow centres

  • Technical skiing training sessions

  • Jumps training sessions including airbag sessions and water ramps

  • Trampoline training sessions

The athletes also get travel and coaching support planned around their individual needs.

There are currently 11 moguls academy athletes.

 Academy Selections

Here is the selection criteria

All existing athletes are required to submit their applications at the start of spring each year.​ Exact date will be confirmed.

For more information contact Moguls Academy

Ian Danby – Home Nations Academy Team Manager                       

Anna Wasielewska – Home Nations Academy Coach

Jeff Blackburn – Elliott – Home Nations Academy Coach 

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