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We are a purely voluntary organisation. The people who greet you in the lodge and take your money and set up the equipment for you are all members who have volunteered, as are the ground staff, club officers and our highly-trained team of instructors.

All monies are ploughed back into the club facilities. We all do it because at whatever level of ability, we all love snowsports. The club’s aim is to encourage anyone who wants to, to come and learn to ski or board.

See also the Roll of Honour list which is a list of all the past chairman from when the club opened back in 1984 and all our Honorary Members.

Kendal Ski Club was formed in 1984 when a small enthusiastic group called a meeting at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and put forward the idea of forming a club and building their own slope. Two hundred people each put in £10 to get things started. The members built their own slope and ski lodge on the side of the hill below Kendal Castle.

In 1997 following a successful bid for a lottery grant, the slope was totally rebuilt using the then untried Snowflex matting system.

In 2004 the slope was extended. This proved a tremendous success and the club’s membership has grown to just under 1800 (July 2006) and we now offer an extensive range of ski classes.

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