Slope Rules

The minimum standards for recreational use of the main slope are:

  • The ability to make linked turns and control your speed from your selected start point
  •  The ability to use the uplift system (Tows)

If you are unable to meet these minimum standards then you must have lessons before    recreational use of the main/intermediate slope.

General slope

  •  No straight running downhill at speed, control speed by turning
  • Head protection is mandatory for any slope user under 16, any member taking part in freestyle activities or involved in any form of racing or race training.


  •  The jumps will only be open during freestyle sessions, not during recreational skiing or boarding
  •  All members taking part in freestyle activities must have gone through the freestyle induction process and signed the clubs freestyle declaration form
  •  Inverted moves can only be performed by advanced freestyle members who have signed accreditation.


  •  All spectating is to be done behind the barriers or within the viewing gallery, only club members are allowed slope side, with slope supervisors permission.

Code of Conduct

  •  Respect all other slope users, control your speed and give way to users below and choose a route that will not endanger or alarm them
  •  Leave plenty of room when overtaking
  •  If you have to stop do so at the side of the slope, the runout at the bottom should be clear at all times. This is not a spectator area or place to store equipment
  •  Look up and down the slope before setting off
  •  You should not walk on the slope. If you have to do this it should be up or down the sides with the slope supervisors permission
  •  In the event of an accident all activity must stop. Everyone is duty bound to assist and wit- nesses must provide relevant information
  •  Kendal Snowsports Club reserves the right to ask you to leave the slope if you are considered by a Club Official/Instructor not to be abiding by the above Code of Conduct or Slope Rules
  •  Adhere to all club policies – Full list of policies can be found here.

Please be aware that all snowsports have an inherent risk please don’t ski or snowboard beyond your ability.

Reviewed DG 040718

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